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 Round Rock Invitational 20th Annual

Preseason High School Softball Tournament

Tournament Date
Saturday, January 4, 2020 - Sunday, January 5, 2020

Rain Out Date
Saturday, January 11, 2020 Sunday, January 12, 2020


Entry & Payment Deadline: December 13th

2020 Hotel Partners Flyer

This is the 20th Annual Round Rock Invitational Softball Tournament.  Proceeds for this tournament go directly to supporting female athletes in school activities and scholarships.  It is a pre-season tournament in which High School teams are able to tune-up their skills for the upcoming season.  High School coaches are encouraged to attend to watch these teams, however may not coach.


Tournament Dates: January 4th & 5th, 2020

Rain Out Dates: January 11th & 12th, 2020

Old Settlers Park Hall of Fame Complex

3300 Palm Valley, Round Rock, TX 78680

Two Brackets: "BIG" School Varsity and "SMALL" School Varsity/JV

Must Declare BIG or SMALL on Registration Form

4 Game Guarantee includes: Umpires and game balls.

Note:  $5 per day gate fee.


Registration Form 2020 RR Invitational

Flyer 2020 Round Rock Invitational

Tournament Rules

Check(s) made payable to:


Please indicate "RR Invitational" on memo line

Please mail completed Registration Form and $450 Check to:

c/o Jennifer Johnson
PO Box 502, Round Rock, TX 78680


  • Open to High School Teams Only.
  • No refunds if a team drops the week before the tournament.
  • Teams must have like colored shirts with numbers.
  • Pitching distance is 43 feet and metal cleats are allowed.
  • Use designated warm-up areas only. NO soft toss against any fences in the complex.
  • Pool games 80 minutes, finish the batter.  Bracket games 80 minutes finish the inning.
  • Pool games may end in a tie
  • Single elimination bracket play
  • NFHS/TASO Rules to apply. All field calls are final, no protest to the Directors.
  • Run rule: a run lead of 10 after 3; 8 after 4, or 6 after 5 (completed innings).
  • Progressive ITB: one inning with the last official player with a completed at bat from the prior inning to start as the runner at 2nd base with no outs.  All subsequent innings will have the last two official players with completed at bats to start on 2nd base & 3rd base with no outs.  Batters start with 2 ball, 1 strike count.
  • Single Game Championship in Each Bracket
  • No coolers allowed

 Mike Auld, Tournament Director

(512) 413-4114 /

 Matt Holman, Assistant Tournament Director

(512) 565-6164 /